The Visiting Angler
Hire Charges
St John's Loch welcomes visiting anglers and the numbers that return each year serve to prove its popularity. Reports of good sport, spread by word of mouth, and at peak times, booking a boat can be quite difficult.
While the loch does fish well from the bank, particularly during the first and last months of the season, boat fishing has proved to be the favourite and indeed also the most productive method.
A total of four Association boats are available for hire and can be booked via the Dunnet Bay Camp Site, Tel. 01847-821319. The area is also well served by a number of B & B establishments and a small family run hotel.
The rates for Boat Hire and other permits are show at left, these are reviewed annually and can be subject to change. Day is regarded as the period between dawn and 6.00pm whilst evening is regarded as being the period from 6.00pm to dusk. Night fishing is strictly prohibited.
Boats are also available via Hugo Ross Fishing Tackle, 56 High Street, Wick, Tel. 01955-604200.
Bank & Float Tube fishing permits are also available from each of these outlets.
All fishing on St John's Loch is by Fly only. There is no bag limit but all trout under 12" must be returned to the water as quickly as possible. The Season runs from April 1st to September 30th and this now includes Sunday Fishing.



Mr MacConnachir, Stirling with his fish of 5lbs

Raymond Millard - 11 for 9lbs 8ozs


Pictured below are some successful visiting anglers


Alan Micklethwaite


Jim Brown



Visiting anglers Jim Brown and Alan Micklethwaite paid a visit to the loch on as guests of Hugo Ross. As you can see from the accompanying photographs, they both had a grand day. Alan, pictured top left took his fish of 2lb 11oz on a size 14 black parachute hackled dry fly whilst Jim's, which weighed in at 2lb 8oz, fell to a size 12 Bloody Butcher fished on the point. As you can see from the photograph below Jim's fish very brightly coloured with a butter yellow belly and large red spots similar to the Gilaroo Trout of the Irish Loughs.

Katherine Gray,San Diego, USA - 2lb on the 'Dap'